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Our center offers a wide variety of programs and activities which are dedicated to providing an environment of Christian growth and development that faithfully teaches, nurtures, and cares for the children and families that are served.


Creeping Caterpillars

(Infants 6 weeks–10 months)
Small teacher/staff ratio and age-appropriate play equipment maximizes interaction and stimulates social and physical development. Our infants learn Bible stories and baby sign language, along with weekly chapel with Pastor May.

Lovely Ladybugs

(Transitional Toddlers 10 months–16 months)
Our transitional toddler program focuses on development of listening and observation skills, rhythm & movement, socialization with other children, and development of motor skills. Transitional Toddlers begin transitioning from their cribs to floor mats. They continue to build their sign language skills and have a weekly Bible story.

Blossoming Butterflies

(16 months–24 months)
This toddler program continues to focus on development of listening and observation skills, rhythm and movement, socialization with other children, and development of motor skills. Children learn sign language and Bible stories along with the learning of how to color, paint, and a variety of other skills.

Busy Bumblebees

(24 months–36 months)
This program channels the child’s energy and curiosity into self-directed activities to develop attention span and independence. We focus on developing verbal communication, motor skills, potty training and physical growth.

Darling Dragonflies

(36 months–4 years)
We carefully balance structured and self-directed learning activities. Language, art, math, dramatic play, music, and science help develop the child’s imagination and intellectual curiosity.

Friendly Frogs

(4 years–eligible to enter Kindergarten)
Teachers immerse students in number/letter recognition, pre-reading, pre-writing, math, and Spanish while emphasizing school-readiness skills such as listening, problem solving, and following directions.


(6 years–12 years)
Our Before/After School Program mixes fun with homework completion time. Quiet times allow students to concentrate, and once they’ve completed their work they can participate in numerous indoor and outdoor activities. Note: Emmanuel Lutheran does not provide transportation to or from school.



  • Art and Creative Development
  • Singing and Drama
  • Chapel and Daily Prayers
  • Well Rounded Snack and Meal Times
  • Nap Times for Appropriate Age Groups
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Times


Opportunities for Family Activities
  • Weekly Worship Services and Sunday School
  • Quarterly Social Events
  • Volunteer and Ministry Outreach Opportunities


Facilities & Amenities

Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool & Child Development Center creates a secure and safe environment to fully promote the growth and development of each child. The facility is staffed with team members who are qualified, trained, motivated and mission minded to achieve the center’s mission and goals.


Our amenities include:

  • 16,250 square foot modern facility to serve 154 children, teaching, pastoral, and administrative staff
  • Facility remains locked at all times
  • Securely fenced property grounds
  • Age-appropriate playground equipment
  • Multi-purpose room to provide a place to worship or other assembly
  • Multi-purpose cafeteria and fellowship hall
  • Eight classrooms for age groups 6 weeks–5 years
  • Before and after school care
  • Intercom system between classrooms and administrative staff
  • Age-appropriate bathrooms within or in close proximity of meals and snacks



Spiritual Life at Emmanuel

The Spiritual Component of Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool & Child Development Center is not merely a part of our educational structure, but is the key foundation for it. Math, science, reading, and writing are all a part of this world that God has created and redeemed. Therefore, everything that is taught will be centered on the saving act of God found in Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the children in our center will have plenty of opportunities to not only grow in education but also to grow spiritually through:

  • Weekly Chapel Service
  • A Bible-based curricula
  • The learning of Christian principles modeled by our Christian confessing teachers