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Marriage Mondays – June 15, 2015

From Pastor Jacob T May:

Marriage Monday Parent Edition:

Today was the first Monday that our children were off school for the Summer. So, while most of you were working the May family was out on the town. We trekked up to Williamsburg to enjoy some fun in the sun at Water Country. We had such a wonderful time. I went down as many water slides as I could find. At the end of the day I even managed to get our youngest on a couple of them. With life vests on I brought the children out into the deepest part of the wave pool and watched them have the time of their life. It was a great day!

Unfortunately, my wife did not get to participate in the same manner. She is about halfway through her pregnancy and every ride at Water Country and Busch Gardens is pretty explicit, “Thou shalt not ride this ride nor haveth any fun if thou ist pregnant.” (ok, maybe it is not that extreme, but the signs are pretty clear.) I know pregnancy has its joys and I know that the joy of a child is a blessing from above.

But, I could not help but think of all that mothers go through for the sake of families. Unfortunately, my wife did not get to hear the screams of delight from our youngest as she plummeting into the water (in a good way, not at all terrifying.)

She did not get to participate in the conversations I and the children had while standing in line, nor did she see their wide eyed enjoyment as they bobbed up in down in the deepest part of the wave pool.  Sure, today may seem like a small price to pay for the joy of a pregnancy, but the sacrifices that mother’s endure going beyond just one day. The sacrifices that mothers make to bring life into the world are unbelievable.

It must difficult (I can only imagine) to say “no” to certain dietary restrictions. It must be difficult to step on the scale and see the numbers continue to climb. It must be difficult to feel the aches and pains of your body stretching. It must be difficult to struggle with a small wardrobe with things never really fitting like you desire for them to fit. It must be a struggle to sweat through your clothes while everyone else is putting on sweaters. It must be difficult to have to pee every moment of every day. It must be difficult to try and operate in your everyday life taking care of your family, yet continuously drained from the child that is growing within.

I know it is more difficult than anything I could ever imagine or think of. But mothers know this; we, your husbands and fathers of your children, appreciate you. We notice and appreciate you. When we look at your sacrifices we see the work of Jesus sacrificing His life for the sake of God’s family. We do not always say it like we should, but your sacrifices make our families. Your strength encourages us. Your faithfulness to your vocation inspires us in our vocations. So, forgive us if we have not always been as patient as we should be, or as understanding. While we do not always show gratitude for your vocations, please know, that you fulfill them so well.

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