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Marriage Mondays – June 1, 2015

From Pastor Jacob T May:

Marriage Monday reboot: from December 1, 2014.

There are many events and circumstances in our relationships that we will always remember: the first date, the first kiss, the births of our children, the vacations together etc… These memories are treasures. They remind us of what we have done together and create hopes for what we will one day achieve together.

However, many times the things that we strive to remember are not the treasures at all but the traps. One unjustified look of judgment from our spouse and we are quick to remember all the potential marital crimes that they committed. One word of anger and then we remember reasons for why we should be angry. The moment we are asked “do you realize what time it is” we are quick to remember the times we were kept waiting. A hurtful eye is cast and so we cast our own stones of hurtful times that we have been storing up and remembering.

A marriage will give us many reasons to remember. But I hope each of your days begins with a greater remembrance: Through the death of Jesus our Father will never remember the ways that we have wronged him. We wake up each day with a new beginning. We do not need to remember our past evil deeds because our Father in heaven does not remember them.

In the same manner, as you are remembering the grace of God I pray that you are able to fill your marriages with sacrificial grace. Instead of remembering the number of times the toilette seat was left up remember the reasons why you wanted to build a home with him to begin with. Instead of remembering the amount of money she has spent on shoes remember how excited you were when she said “yes.”

Remember, but remember the treasures. Remember, but remember with grace.

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