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Marriage Mondays – May 25, 2015

From Pastor Jacob T May:

Marriage Monday: I woke up this morning next to the most beautiful woman in the world. I was met downstairs by the most wonderful children. My wife made pancakes and eggs. Yum! I did some work at church. I watched my son ride a bike without training wheels for the first time. Lunch was from Subway, we took it to the beach smile emoticon. We laid out in the sun and basked in a day off. Supper was Pizza Hut followed by a movie. After the movie a wwe wrestling match ensued. I lost to my son and daughter. The day ended with a milk shake.

I am a blessed man. Today was a great day like many others. Today I enjoyed my wife and children, but I couldn’t have done it without some help. I am thankful for the sacrifices. While I will get to fall asleep next to the most beautiful woman in the world, someone, a lot of someone’s, left their spouses at home to stand up for what was right.

Today I devoured my food eating in excess. Yet, many throughout history had to ration their food so that they would have enough nourishment throughout the battle. I was stormed by my children yet many fell storming the beaches of Normandy, they suffered from snipers in Vietnam, or couldn’t endure the cold of Korea. I would not have what I have without them. I am thankful today for the men and women that I never met. Their sacrifice has mirrored for me the love of Jesus.

And I know that this day is for remembering those who have died, but I cannot help but remembering all those who serve. For the more men and women I meet serving in the armed forces the more I realize a simple truth, “no one serves without losing something.” Many of you have lost a lot. You lost a spouse, a job, dreams, time, an arm, a leg, a “normal” life, and so much more than I could ever imagine.

Thank you all. I will humbly sleep well tonight. I have a wonderful marriage and a great family thanks to some help from many deserving heroes. Not only do I remember you today, but I pray that I honor your lives with mine, always.

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